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  • #6 of 306 Appetite for Destruction is falling on The Best Debut Albums of All Time, Ranked #4 of 344 Aerosmith is rising on The Greatest American Rock Bands #94 of 572 Abe Cunningham is rising on The Best Drummers Of All Time #65 of 508 T.I. is falling on The Greatest Rappers Of All Time #6 of 91 Black Hole Sun is rising on The Best Apocalyptic Songs
    58 reranks The Best New Male Artists #3 Sam Smith
    Ranked High on Reranks
    #4 V
    Most Votes and Most Up Votes
    #13 Jimin
    Heavily Upvoted
    24 reranks Rappers with the Best Album Discography, Ranked #1 Kanye West
    Most Votes and Most Up Votes
    #2 Kendrick Lamar
    Heavily Upvoted
    #3 Jay-Z
    Heavily Upvoted
    30 reranks The Best Male Country Singers of All Time #1 George Strait
    Most Votes and Most Up Votes
    #2 Waylon Jennings
    Heavily Upvoted
    #3 Johnny Cash
    Often listed #1 and Top 5 in Reranks
    40 reranks The Best Hair Metal Bands Of All Time #1 M?tley Crüe
    Often listed #1 and Most Votes
    #2 Skid Row
    Heavily Upvoted
    #3 Cinderella
    Heavily Upvoted

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